About me:

I am a philosopher and psychotherapist specializing in sexuality. My philosophic work is from a eudaimonistic perspective, meaning that I think that the goal of ethics is to help a person live a rich human life, of which I think sex is an important part. My psychological work is based in CBT and informed by my philosophic work. (Full Bio)

My Projects:

Erosophia – My blog, where I wrestle with whatever ideas are intriguing me at the moment. I primarily focus on sexual ethics, but do also address other interests.

Erosophia Podcast – The (currently defunct) Erosophia Podcast, co-hosted by Devin, William, Joia, and myself, seeks to take a more philosophic perspective on sexual issues.  We seek to engage with the core of issues, while learning as much as we can about the topics along the way.

Eros and Ethos – My first book on the subject of sexual ethics where I am attempting to create the first eudaimonistic sexual ethic. Please see the book page for more detailed information.


Eros and Ethos: A New Theory of Sexual Ethics. Hamilton, Ontario: Erosophia Enterprises, 2018.

“Interview with Ellen Kenner and Ed Locke on The Selfish Path to Romance.” The Objective Standard 7.1 (2012). Print.


I prefer email, but you can also contact me on twitter. Email will get you the quickest response, but it may not be immediate.

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