A Letter

To All Denison Objectivist Club Members,

I write to inform you that the Denison Objectivist club is officially ending.

In the three years since the club’s inception, there has been many memorable times and many great members. But, being an organization devoted to the perpetuation of true ideas and having only one member who actually believes those ideas and is capable of communicating them to others with passion and the drive to keep the club alive, this organization cannot survive without a strong leader.

Given that I am about to graduate and as such cannot devote it enough of my time to do it justice and given that I have no successor, the club is now defunct.

The dream was great, the battles were fun, and the ideas are True; but in this contest apathy has taken the day. Truth can never be completely beaten by apathy and good ideas can never die, but they can withdraw and on this occasion the club is going to do just that.

I regret that I have no successor, that I was not more active this year in recruiting, and that the meetings weren’t as informative as they should have been. Although Scott has graciously tried to take control of the club and run it as President Pro-Tem, clearly the job is too much for him and it’s not fair of me to unduly burden him with the commitment.

At this point for the club to be revived, it would need a good and capable leader who was also an Objectivist. Since I seem to be the only one on campus, I shall consider the proviso moot.

Nevertheless, I want to thank Sam for being there from the beginning. Miriam for helping to keep the club together and always coming. Scott, for always coming and bringing food, as well as trying to act as president this year. M., for coming to the first meetings of the semester and changing my life. I don’t think I’ve missed anyone else, since I can count you all on one hand…but if I have, I thank you as far as you’ve helped the club grow and prosper.

There will never be another year like ’03-‘04 when the Objectivist Club changed the Denison’s campus and broke out onto the scene with shockwaves. Alex, Sam, and I were quite the team and the club suffered a great casualty with Alex’s loss that it never recovered from.

So, in closing, never forget that Philosophy is one of the greatest powers in the world and that there is a good philosophy for Man here on Earth – do not let your mind be clouded by the irrationality and evil that permeates our culture today. Remember always that Objectivism is viable and in the future, when it starts to change our world for the best, stand with it. Don’t let apathy rule you forever lest you come to realize that it has stolen your very life from you.


Jason Stotts
“The Damned Rational Egoist”

Founder, The Denison Objectivists

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