by Jason Stotts

A tribute to one of the best professors at Denison – Dr. Anthony J. Lisska.


“Geography test even? We’re a full service operation…but not that full.”

“Execution’s not a nice thing, is it folks?”

“You’re all starting to write good arguments…it warms an old philosopher’s soul – not that that’s why you need to exist, in order to warm Lisska’s soul.”

“Without individual rights…well…we’d have big bad problems!”

“The world’s bigger than Easton! Joke, Joke, Joke.”

“You haven’t lived if you’ve never been to an Appalachian fair.”

“Now this isn’t in the essay, this is Lisska’s take on it.”

[Randomly stops in the middle of class and laughs] “…Dworkin’s funny…”

“On a cloudy day like this I’m glad everyone is up…had their coffee and eggs Benedict…”

“Dworkin loves an argument…not in a bad way like weird uncle Harold.”

“Lisska’s thinking of England and wishing he was there…[sighs]”

“Right away they’re going to be in each other’s meta-ethical face!”

“It’s like a little kid had a bucket of blocks and poured them out all over the place – that’s Hume’s theory of reality!”

[very quickly] “How’d we get created? I don’t know…maybe God lost a poker game! I don’t know…”

“The story is that Granville would always remain dry as long as the citizens could stagger to the polls.”

“Scrooge could be a guy who’s just evil…too big a dose of original sin or something!”

“The old Testament had a number of writers…it wasn’t as if it was one old dude with an earphone to God!”

“That’s what studying higher mathematics can do…WoooWoooWooo!” [Referring to Plato]

“That’s what heaven’s like – blackboards all around…[sighs]”

“If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam…don’t take a deep breath…Wooo!”

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