Lovely Stupidity?

by Jason Stotts

For a long time I’ve been noticing this disturbing pattern among people. The pattern seems to have no causal connection – all of the evidence could easily be coincidental. Yet, it certainly appears to me that in general the better one’s body, the emptier one’s mind.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well, to begin with most of the very attractive people that I know are shallow and unintelligent. They concern themselves with small and petty things like brand-names, cars, make-up, their appearance – and never consider that there may be more to the world. Although it’s not as if I’m claiming the converse, that the uglier one’s body, the fuller one’s mind. Certainly being ugly does not mean that one will be intelligent.

As I began examining this issue, I actually began to think of some legitimate reasons why there could be a connection between aesthetics and intelligence. I present here some possible explanations to explain this apparent phenomenon:

1. Perhaps the phenomenon can be explained in terms of “social conditioning”, whereby beautiful people are told to concern themselves with their appearance while those who are not beautiful are told to concern themselves with their intelligence.

2. Perhaps beautiful people have an easier time in life and so they are not forced to develop and rely on their cognitive skills as someone who can’t get by merely on their looks alone would have to do.

3. Perhaps stupid people just breed more easily so there are more of them across the whole aesthetics spectrum.

I’m really not sure of the cause of the phenomenon, but it’s certainly something to think about.

Next time you meet a very beautiful, but very empty person, be sure to walk up to them and inquire what caused their condition.

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