By What Right?

by Jason Stotts

My life is my own.
It is not yours.
No aspect of my life is yours.
I am not your slave.

By what right do you think you can take anything from me? I work to feed myself, to meet my needs, and fulfill my desires. I spend my time, the currency of my life, to earn money to spend as I deem fit. It is my money; I earned it with my life.

You say that there are “higher goals that society must care about”. You want nothing more than to have a society of slaves! How does it help some people to turn everyone into slaves? What good does continuing to breathe do me if I cannot live as a human? By what right should I be made a slave to compensate for someone’s poor life choices? By what right should the strong be destroyed for the sake of the weak?

Your fantasy world is so far removed from reality that all you can do is scream “but I want it!” If you want to help people, give your money to them. Stay away from mine; you have no right to it. But they might die? Should the rest of us be prohibited from living? Since when was life guaranteed?

I am not a slave and I have had enough of people thinking they have a right to my time, my money, and my life. By what right do you think you have any claim on me?!

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