Masculinity and Femininity

by Jason Stotts

Masculinity and femininity are concepts that relate to the fundamental metaphysical difference between men and women; concepts that have their origin in basic human physiology. Yet masculinity and femininity are much more than a simple difference of genitals; while being male or female is sine qua non to be masculine or feminine respectively, it is not sufficient. There is something else needed for masculinity and femininity, something which only arises in certain circumstances […]


So begins my new essay on Masculinity and Femininity which is the cornerstone of my new theory of sexuality. If you’d like to read these essays, help me by contributing your thoughts on the subject:

If you’re male, when do you feel Masculine and what is it that causes you to feel this way?

If you’re female, when do you feel Feminine and what is it that causes you to feel this way?

E-mail me with your responses and you’ll be privy to the creation of a new philosophical theory as I develop each of its aspects in turn. If you don’t contribute, you won’t be seeing this essay or any of my work on sexual ethics.

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