Just Money

by Jason Stotts

Today, money is no longer understood.

Few understand why saying “it is just money” epitomizes decadence.

Money is merely thought of as a tool of value commensuration: a means of equalizing disparate goods through a common standard. It is this, but also so much more.

When I work, I trade my time – the currency of my life – for money. I do this because I cannot produce all that I need and desire in my life and so I produce what I am skilled at and trade this for money.

My time is my life.
My money is my time.
My money is my life.

My money is earned with the irreplaceable days, hours, and minutes of my life. Very literally, stealing my time is stealing my life.

When I become indignant about being taxed to support parasites, people always tell me that it’s “just money”. By taking my money, they are taking my life.

If someone else has a right to my life, I do not.

Those without the right to their own lives are slaves.

I will be a slave for no man!

Let us echo Patrick Henry when he said: “Give me Liberty, or give me death!”

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