The Capitalist Machine

by Jason Stotts

I’ve often heard people talk about the “capitalist machine”, about “gods and clods”, about “unnecessary jobs”, and about ignoble enslavement to the “system”. But frankly, I have no idea what this means.

Capitalism is the misnomer, coined by Karl Marx, for the only moral system of production in human history. If we want to name things by their essential features, and we should, we must change “capitalism” to “Liberalism” to reflect what this amazing system of production does for us.

Liberalism has destroyed the caste system, destroyed slavery, maximized production, increased quality of life, and even increased our very life expectancy. How does Liberalism do this? Simply put, by operating according to Justice.

Liberalism rewards people on the basis of their achievement. The more one achieves in a Liberal society, the more one gains in monetary rewards and in the respect of the good people around him. Lineage is irrelevant, race is irrelevant, sex is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is ability; thus, the end of slavery, the end of racism, and the end of sexism.

Liberalism improves life. With increased production there are more quality goods to be had by all. We can enjoy things today that would have been beyond the reach of royalty in the past. We have access to medicine and technology that have never before existed. Thus a better quality of life and a longer life span.

Since liberalism is such a great system, why do people hate it?

Some people attempt to enforce their wishes on reality – their wish to live bestial lives free from any redeeming human characteristics like hard work or intelligence. These people want things handed to them, but Liberalism does naught for those who do not do it for themselves.

The Just motto of Liberalism is: Those who do not work, do not eat.

The parasite, however, wants to do exactly that. He wants to destroy the good in order to prop up the wicked. Liberalism denies him this.

Liberalism is intransigently Just, and that is why it is hated by the parasites.

Let us, the remaining good men and women, extol Liberalism for all that it does for us and for its unwavering commitment to Justice.

1 Response to “The Capitalist Machine”

  1. Anonymous

    So you think might makes right? This point is what I see from your strong support for capitalism–people who obtain more power through effort are right, no matter what they do (such as exploiting workers), and workers who are being exploited are wrong because they are too lazy to obtain more power. But their chances are extremely low, since they are being exploited. Even if you ignore the exploiting, the problems of ideological and cultural influence, such as the culture industry, are even worse.
    Well, I guess you believe being imposed an identity and belief is right and meaningful for individuals.