Query Letter #1

Dear [Mr. Agent],

Everyone today seems to be searching for happiness, but few are able to find it. There are numerous books published on the subject, lectures addressed to full audiences, workshops and seminars designed to show one how to be happy; and a burgeoning sense that the happiness they seek is either illusory or unattainable. The problem is that these searchers have not taken the time to properly identify the end that they seek. By identifying happiness as a simple emotion and seeking to achieve it, they have set themselves up for misery. The fact is that happiness is a state of existence arising from the achievement of one’s values and working to achieve one’s moral perfection. Happiness is a core concept from Ethics.

Although many treatises have been written in the history of philosophy on the subject of happiness, none of these treatises discuss the most pivotal aspect of happiness: sexuality. For too long sex has been considered to be shameful, a simple thoughtless pleasure that corrupted both body and mind. Sex has been relegated to the role of an inescapable necessary evil: an incessant drive that we cannot control and which causes us much anguish in our lives.

Yet, without sex, life would be incomplete. We must learn how to integrate sex into our lives if we want to be happy. In order to do this, we must first come to understand both sex and happiness. This is the purpose of Sexual Perfection: to outline the path to happiness through sex.

If you think that you are the kind of agent who can handle a project with the potential to change the world, I invite your response.


Jason Stotts


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