Query Letter #2

Dear [Mr. Agent],

Ethics, Sex, Happiness. What do these concepts have to do with each other? Everything. The purpose of my new book, Sexual Perfection: Foundations of a New Sexual Ethic, is to show how these concepts are intimately related: to show why it is not only morally permissible, but morally necessary, to integrate sex into one’s pursuit of happiness. This is because humans are naturally sexual beings and to deny fundamental aspects of our nature is to preclude oneself from the possibility of happiness.

Sex and ethics are not inimical: indeed, true happiness can only be found in their union. Sex can provide the impetus and passion necessary to fuel ethics and achieve happiness, but only if it is understood. The mindless hedonic, or the ascetic religious, approach to sex invites only shame and regret. However, if we understand what sex is and its proper role in life, then sex can become life-affirming. It is important to understand that humans, unlike most mammals, do not have only certain times of the year in which sex is possible. Sex for us is more than a biological drive for reproduction: one must choose to have sex.

Sex, however, is not a simple act: it has necessary connections to intimate relationships. Whether or not one chooses to enter into a relationship with a lover, there is no denying that the intimacy of the act of sex leads one to feel a connection to his lover and that it is this intimate connection that forms the basis for an intimate relationship. Because of this, there can be no such thing as simply having sex with a person with nothing further: all sex entails emotional responses, whether they are acted upon or repressed.

If we want to be able to integrate sex into our quest for happiness, we must understand all of this and much more. This is the purpose of Sexual Perfection: to gain the requisite knowledge of sexuality and its role in life in order achieve happiness.

I invite you to request my proposal and see for yourself the full theory of Sexual Perfection.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jason Stotts
Cell: ###-###-####

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