Your God

by Jason Stotts

Recently, I’ve been trying to do my part for reason by engaging in random spontaneous acts of activism (RSAA).  One of the most effective that I’ve found, in terms of getting people to stop and think about their ideas, is to say “your god.”

Now, you might be wondering how that is possibly activism or when one would ever have the opportunity to say this.  Let me explain.

There are many times throughout the day when someone will make an offhand comment regarding god.  “Oh god! (something scary)”  “I guess it’s god’s will”  etc, etc.  Now, this is where “your god” comes in.

The next time you hear someone make a reference to god, just say “your god” and nothing else.  It doesn’t matter what they say, just say “your god” and wait.  Inevitably, they will pause, try to figure out what you could possibly be saying about “the one and only true god who is the same for all people” and be consternated.  If they ask you about it, just say that “well, it’s not my god, I’m godless, so it must be your god.”  At this point, the person will have a mental epiphany and realize that not everyone believes as they do – that there really are atheists out there.

It’s a small step to be sure, but it actually opens people up for a more serious conversation if you want to have a serious conversation.  But, even if not, you still give the person a “consciousness raising experience.”

It takes two seconds of your time and can help clean up the world for reason.

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