Death by Immorality

by Jason Stotts


There are some things that are so tragic it is hard to even speak of them. This is one of those cases.

Near Cincinnati an 18 year old girl, Jessica Logan, has hanged herself. Why? Well, she was in love with a boy and send him nude pictures of herself. After they broke up, he sent the pictures to other girls at the school. These girls then began tormenting Jessica and calling her a whore. Her constant torment at school and ostracization led her to become depressed and ultimately to kill herself.

Thus Jessica is dead.

Her crime?

She was a sexual young woman who enjoyed her life and wanted to live it to its fullest.

Who is to blame?

First: her ex-boyfriend. He is directly responsible for her death. His actions clearly and unequivocally caused her to kill herself.

Second: the girls who tormented her. These girls maliciously attacked her for being confident of her sexuality when they themselves were ashamed of theirs. Theirs’ was a pure hatred of the good for being good.

Ultimately the blame should be leveled squarely on the most deserving party of all: christian morality. If it wasn’t for christian morality, Jessica would never have been moved to feel such shame about her love of her body. Further, her ex-boyfriend would not have been able to send out the “lewd” pictures of her in order to disgrace her. Also, the malicious girls would not have been able to attack her if her actions were not considered immoral. Ultimately, the christian hatred of human sexuality and pleasure in one’s body has caused this tragedy.

For those who say that morality has no real applications to life, look here: morality has killed a young woman. Jessica died by immorality, the immorality of the inverted ethical conceptions of christianity. Let us hope that her death will help people to see the consequences of their ideas.

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