Free Tea Party Signs

by Jason Stotts

I want to announce my support for the grassroots “Tea Parties” springing up across the country in opposition to the rise of Socialism under Comrade Obama. Since I have not been able to actively participate in the demonstrations, I thought that I would put up some possible signs here that people could use when they go to the rallies. Feel free to take any of the sign suggestions below, all I ask is that you e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know.


“Laissez-Nous Fail!”

The term “laissez-faire capitalism” comes to us from France, if you couldn’t guess. Legend goes that when one of the ministers of Louis XIV asked the French populace what the government could do to help fix the failing economy, a merchant shouted from the group “Laissez-nous Faire!” (This is generally translated as “leave us alone!”)

Now, the point of this is a play on history to show what the government can do to help the economy is to stop bailing out industries and let them fail, so that they can be replaced with new growth and the capital and labor tied up with them can be reallocated to more productive industries.


“Land of the FREE, not home of the SLAVES”

Those who are forced to labor for another with no benefit to themselves is a slave. The movement towards socialism is threatening to turn all of us into slaves. This sign would play on the phrase “Land of the free and home of the brave.”


“YOUR Mortgage is not MY Problem”

Let’s put the blame on those who caused the problems. I shouldn’t have to foot the bills for someone else’s economic problems.


“That Government is BEST which governs the LEAST”

Classic Thomas Jefferson. The full quote is “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”


“May Capitalism Prevail!”


“AYN RAND was right. Read ATLAS SHRUGGED.”

Straightforward message. Hopefully it would at least cause a couple people to read the book and gain a deeper understanding of the problems at hand.


“Capitalism is the only Moral System”

You’ll definitely have people asking you what your sign means. Be prepared to answer questions about the moral foundations of capitalism. It is not okay to simply say “well, Ayn Rand said that…” You need to know and understand the arguments she used; to do otherwise is a mere appeal to authority.


“Our FOUNDING FATHERS fought to FREE us from, not ENSLAVE us to, Government”

Yeah, it’s long. But I’d really like to see it on a poster. A big poster.

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