It’s About Time!

by Jason Stotts

ACLU Sues Prosecutor Over ‘Sexting’ Child Porn Charges

I think that many prosecutors around the country are being ridiculous in their application of “child pornography laws” to issues where a teen has taken a picture of herself and sent it to one of her friends. The original justification for these laws was that if children were allowed to be sexual objects, they would be harmed by the adults taking the pictures of them. Yet, it’s not clear how these minors are being harmed by taking pictures of themselves. Certainly, they are not yet full adults and do not have a fully developed decision making capacity, but it hardly seems like designating them as felons and “sex offenders” is the way to help educate them about sexuality.

I think the true solution is to recognize that humans are always sexual beings and that we should be taught from an early age to embrace our sexuality in a healthy way. To pretend that teenagers are not sexual beings is beyond absurd.

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