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Objectivism and Sexuality: YouTube

by Jason Stotts

My speech “Objectivism and Sexuality” that was delivered at the Ohio Objectivist Society on June 14th is now available on YouTube. Special thanks to William Parker of the OOS for inviting me to speak and for taking the time to put up the videos on YouTube.

The link to the videos is here: OOS Speech.

Anyone wanting a transcript of the speech can leave a comment with their e-mail and I’ll send a copy out.


by Jason Stotts

(subtext: Hey, what are the odds — five Ayn Rand fans on the same train! Must be going to a convention.)

I love XKCD and I think it’s great that Objectivism is getting into mainstream thought. I think that this comic shows a very important point that Objectivists need to guard against: the idea that they alone in the world are somehow sui generis. I think it would benefit everyone to remember that people are people, even the stupid ones and the ones who make mistakes.


by Jason Stotts

For those of you who may be wondering, I haven’t been posting lately because I got married a couple of weeks ago and only recently returned from our honeymoon.

I fully intend to return to blogging in the near future.

Happy Independence Day!

by Jason Stotts

I want to wish all of the readers of Erosophia a happy Independence Day!

I think it is important today to reflect on the reasons why America is great and for what reasons our founding fathers risked their lives, freedom, and property to rebel against England.

It was certainly not because they wanted to rule, nor did they want to create some kind of Utopian society of “equals.” No, these great men had but one thing in mind for their rebellion: freedom.

They wanted the freedom to pursue their own happiness as they saw fit, they wanted the right to their own lives.

I think it is important to reflect on these things and the stark contrast they provide with the current state of our country that wants to shackle all to all, with liberty for none. After all, if we are all equally slaves, aren’t we finally equal?

Bisexual Species

by Jason Stotts

Scientific American has a really interesting article up called “Bisexual Species” which deals with the subject of bisexuality in animals that is worth a read.

One thing that I think is seriously inhibiting research in this area is the current idea that there are two rigid categories of sexual orientation: “homosexual” and “heterosexual.” First of all, bisexual is a legitimate category of sexual orientation in humans. In lesser animals, who cannot self-identify with an orientation, it makes no sense to say that they are homosexual or heterosexual (or bisexual). Rather, one should only describe their actions as homosexual or heterosexual. As the article points out, captivity or availability of mates can cause many animals in different species to exhibit homosexual action. However, the animal will again “change orientations” if the conditions change again. This phenomenon is better understandable if we don’t consider the animals to be preset with rigid categories, but rather to have sexual urges and a drive to satisfy these.

Indeed, research in humans also makes this same point about sexual adaptability: that situational contexts can “alter” someone’s sexual orientation. For example, it’s well known that in situations where there are only others of the same sex (prison, the military, etc) that individuals will exhibit homosexual tendencies, even if this individual has never shown these tendencies before or if they will never show them again (after the context has changed). While sexual orientation may be helpful to think of how a person chooses to express their overall sexual attractions, I think that a Kinsey type fluid scale is the most accurate way to truly describe a person’s sexuality as it can account for the nuances that are closer to the ways in which people actually experience their sexuality.