Health Care Bill Passes Senate Cloture

by Jason Stotts

In a shady move last night, the Senate passed cloture around 1AM which will allow the Senate health care bill to be voted upon on the floor in short order.

This bill will represent the largest expansion of governmental power in a long time.  Some quotes from a couple of articles are revealing.

From a NY Times article: “Health care in America ought to be a right, not a privilege,” said Senator Christopher J. Dodd (paid for by whom?).

From a CNN article: Harry Reid said [the new bill will provide healthcare for] “all people, not just those who can afford it.” (someone still has to pay for it).

What is interesting is that the only clear underlying principles motivating the push for the healthcare bill is altruism.  What happened to the American ideal of self-reliance?  The ideals of America and the philosophical underpinnings of christianity have always been in conflict and it is only to the extent that the christians have been able to compartmentalize their minds and evade the true implications of their beliefs that they have been able to attempt to reconcile their beliefs.  Unfortunately for us, the christians are becoming more and more consistent and attacking the secular ideals of america, which stand in stark contrast to the altruism of christianity.

I think it is truly sad that some people think that they have a right to enslave part of the population to support another part.

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