Just In: New York Still Hates Gays

by Jason Stotts

CNN is reporting that the New York state Senate voted down a measure today that would have allowed gay marriage in the state.  This comes after the bill had already passed their house and had support from their governor.

Those opposing the bill are citing the fact that in states that have taken it to a popular vote, it has been voted down.  There are two problems with this.  First, two recent surveys show that a majority of New Yorkers support gay marriage.  Second, as we have known since Plato – democracies do not work (see the Republic).  The fact that lots of people believe something does not make it right, look at christians or “flat-earthers.”  Belief is not a criterion of truth and just because a lot of people share that belief, does not make it true.  Rather, we should legislate based on a rule of law that grants equal protection to all citizens, regardless of race, gender, orientation, ad nauseum.  This is because all citizens are equally citizens under the law; our country does not have classes or castes.

Since no one seems to understand this, let me repeat it: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY,  IT IS A REPUBLIC. We are supposed to have, and should have, a rule of law and not of men.  Unfortunately, this is one of the things that holds back the statists in their lust for power and so it is rapidly being eroded.  Importantly, though, it is one of the last bulwarks against tyranny and when it falls, we should all be aware that tyranny is imminent.

Democracies weren’t viable in Greek city states that are smaller than our towns, why would anyone think that they could work on such a complicated and large country as the US?  Further, to the extent that one has a democracy, one has no rights.  A democracy is not constrained by rights or law: vox populi, vox dei.  Under a democracy, not only would gays not have rights, but we’d have slaves, women wouldn’t have the vote, etc, etc.  Remember, that in old democracies,  anyone that didn’t look like the ruling class was not a full person (anyone remember 3/5 doctrine?).

Frankly, if we could return to the principles our country was founded on, we wouldn’t have to witness this shameful spectacle of people being denied their basic human rights, to choose who they will love and make a life with, because of the beliefs of others.

Democracy makes me sick.

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