Unsafe Sex Toys?

by Jason Stotts

Violet Blue, writer, sex educator, and sex blogger at Open Source Sex, has an interesting article about sex toys and safety issues.  The article is “Unsafe” and it lists potential health concerns that any sexually active person should be aware of.  For example:

* Nonoxynol-9 is a detergent that has been shown to cause cervical abrasions, strips away rectal lining, and only kills HIV/AIDS in clinical settings.

* Some cheap sex toys are made with high levels of phthalates and have been shown to cause adverse reactions in some women, from burning sensations to recurring infections.

She also has some good tips for keeping yourself healthy, such as:

* Avoid lubes with sugar, colorings, and flavors in them. Glycerin/glycerol (a common ingredient) is a sugar and sugar feeds yeast.

* Don’t use oil vaginally: oils are difficult for the body to flush out of the vagina.  Silicone lubes and water-bsed lubes are the best.

Take a look at her article and remember that what you don’t know, can hurt you; especially in sex.

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