Russia Going Laissez-Faire?

by Jason Stotts

In a surprising move, Russia is poised to become freer than the now ironic “land of the free.”  The Moscow Times, in their piece “Russia Takes Anti-Socialist Approach to Healthcare,”  is reporting that: “While Washington plans to pump unprecedented sums into what critics call a government takeover of health care, Moscow is moving in the opposite direction by backing legislation that could force hospitals and other public institutions to go commercial or close.”

The article goes on to note: “Opponents said they found it ironic that Russia was adopting the bill at a time when the United States, its capitalist foe during the Cold War, was increasing the government’s presence in health care.”  Really, only the opponents found it ironic?  Personally, I find it ironic as well, but I’m glad for Russia and her people who have been without freedom for so long.

I mean really, the United States has never had worse enemies than its recent presidents.

I propose that we denounce both the socialist party and theocratic party and that we start a Freedom party  that will advocate for both economic and social freedom.

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