Assorted News Stories

by Jason Stotts

I’m somewhat behind on a number of news stories I’ve been meaning to blog about, so I’m going to do each of them here so that they don’t get missed.

1. Masturbation Helps Procreation.

It turns out that the old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is literally true.

2. Global Warming is a Fraud.

When some of the most honorable members of the American Physical Society are calling fraud, maybe we should listen.  Or does no one remember ClimateGate when it cam to light that the climate data had been intentionally altered? (ClimateGate)

3. E-Books Making Traditional Publishing Less Profitable for Publishers and Authors.

Given that I’m trying to get a book published right now, this is definitely not welcome news.

4. A New Sexuality Survery has been Released.

The new survey is the comprehensive one done in many years and shows changing trends in the sex-lives of Americans.

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