Erosophia in Top 50 Philosophy Blogs

by Jason Stotts

After finding out that Erosophia is one of the top 25 Objectivist sites, it’s nice to also find out that we’re one of the top 50 philosophy blogs (and the only Objectivist blog that made it).  This is according to the NetworkedBlogs app in facebook, which ranks blogs in each category by subscribers.  Erosophia managed to just barely make the list at #50 (88 followers).

I’d like to ask all of you who enjoy Erosophia, but who are not yet followers on the NetworkedBlogs app, to please follow and help raise Erosophia higher in the rankings.  Only 10 people would kick me up 5 places to #45 and I know that I have hundreds more readers than that who are not yet fans.

The link to subscribe is at or you can use the NetworkedBlogs app widget in the right column (if you’re actually on the blog and not reading this via RSS).

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