On Polysexuality Overview

by Jason Stotts

Since issuing my call for readers for my new essay on polysexuality yesterday, I have since changed my mind and I have decided to go ahead and publish the essay in what I am going to call its polished second draft form.  I want to thank those who helped me by reading the first draft: the essay is much better as a result of your feedback.  I also want to thank those who offered to read the second draft, even though it’s going to print early.

Now, a word about the essay itself.  I consider this essay more of a “proof-of-concept” essay where I am trying to see whether polysexuality can be morally justified.  I think on this point, that the essay succeeds and I find myself being slowly convinced that polysexuality can be moral.  However, I think that this is far from being my final word on the subject and, thus, this shouldn’t be considered my final position on the subject.  Consequently, I welcome feedback on the essay and hope to eventually come out with a new version that is improved by the comments I get here.

Given that the essay is over 10,000 words (20 single spaced pages), I will be publishing it in parts in the next several days at noon (PST) each day.

1. Introduction
2. The Value of Love and Sex in a Human Life

3. Isn’t Polysexuality Unnatural?

4. The Value of Polysexuality

5. Necessary Conditions for Morally Permissible Polysexuality
6. Polysexuality: The Final Verdict

7. The Optimal Solution?
8. Objections and Responses
9. Conclusions

I hope that this essay will prompt people to think about their beliefs regarding sexuality and, perhaps, gain a new insight into what is a natural facet of human sexuality.

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