Book Update

by Jason Stotts

I am pleased to announce that Chapter 3 of Eros and Ethos is now complete!



Part 1: Theory

Chapter 1: Sexual Ethics [DONE!]

Chapter 2: Emotions [DONE!]

Chapter 3: Love [DONE!]

Chapter 4: Relationships

Chapter 5: Sexual Attraction and Fantasy

Chapter 6: Sexual Identities

Chapter 7: Sexual Perfection

Part 2: Applications

Chapter 8: Erotic Decadence

Chapter 9: Faith, Mysticism, and Sex

Chapter 10: Reproductive Issues

Chapter 11: Sex for Sale

Chapter 12: Children and Sexuality

Chapter 13: Orientation and Identity

Chapter 14: Relationship Issues

Chapter 15: Kink

Chapter 16: Public and Private

Chapter 17: Obscenity and Legal Issues


2 Responses to “Book Update”

  1. Tod

    Awesome!! I was wondering how the book was progressing, and I actually just sat down to type you an email when I had the sense to check your blog first.

    So when does the beta come out? 🙂

  2. JasonStotts

    I don’t know, it’s taking much longer than I would have thought to actually write it. I’m about halfway through the first section, which is the much more involved and philosophically dense section. Once I’m done with that, the later chapters in section two should be much faster. In fact, I’ve already been working on some of that material in early forms here on Erosophia.