Secularism and Sex

by Jason Stotts

I’m posting a link to this survey from Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus, about sexual attitudes and ideas and beliefs in religion.  I encourage everyone to take his short survey so that the results will be more interesting and statistically significant (I can’t stand low N studies).  From Dr. Ray:

We are doing a groundbreaking survey on sex and secularism. We will collect data for a month or so, then shut it down and analyze it. Depending on what we find, we may publish it in a journal but it will definitely be used in my next book in some capacity. Here is the link:

This is a short survey about how your sexuality has developed over time and how it has changed in relation to your lack of belief in a god. The research is being conducted by Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus and Amanda Brown at the University of Kansas.


Big Brother Warning: If you click on the Amazon link and purchase The God Virus, then I will be monetarily compensated.  So, help me out and if you’re going to buy it, use the link.



As I was going through the survey, I came across this question: “Are there fantasies that you would be afraid to tell your partner for fear of rejection?”

I’m very happy to say that no, my wife and I have very open and honest communication and there’s nothing that we can’t talk about.  The question made me appreciate that fact and I feel sorry for those who do not have open and honest communication in their own relationships.  If you are in that kind of position, you should seriously consider taking the steps to move to a position where you can openly communicate with your partner.  Start small and be upfront with your partner that you want that kind of relationship.  Make an effort to be open and honest with your partner and your partner will likely reciprocate.  Opening yourself to your partner and showing them your deepest desires can definitely be a scary experience, but it is worth it and the kind of deeper intimacy you’ll gain from this will far outweigh any negatives that come from the actual process of opening up.

2 Responses to “Secularism and Sex”

  1. Harold

    Cool. He’s also got a youtube page.

  2. JasonStotts

    Yeah, I actually met him when he came to speak in my hometown. He was a really nice guy and an effective speaker. I don’t think he’s the deepest thinker (in terms of the metaphysics and epistemology, not religion itself) that I’ve met, but I’m glad to have him on our side.