Sex Tips #1: Pee After Sex

by Jason Stotts

I’m starting a new series called “Sex Tips” that I think will help people out in their daily sex lives. For anyone who already knows these tips, they may seem obvious, but for those of you who don’t know about them, they can be very helpful.

The first tip I have is to pee after sex.  This may sound obvious, although to some of you the purpose may not be.

Peeing after sex is very important, especially for women, as bacteria, as well as other things you probably don’t want in there, can get pushed into the urethra during sex and other sexual activity.  Peeing after sex clears out the urethra and can help reduce urinary tracy infections and bladder infections.  Now, obviously this is less important for men, since ejaculating helps with this too, but it is still helpful for men to pee after sex.

3 Responses to “Sex Tips #1: Pee After Sex”

  1. Carnalus

    It’s also helpful for the female to ejaculate(if she can.) And it’s also fucking hot!

  2. JasonStotts


  3. Erosophia

    […] #1: Pee After Sex […]