Life on the Swingset

by Jason Stotts

Life on the Swingset is a blog and podcast website dedicated to getting good information out there about what it’s really like to be a swinger and on issues related to this.  In an effort to expand the reach of Erosophia, I reached out to them about putting up some of my articles that are applicable to swinging.  They were amicable to the idea and we set up a relationship where I’ll be posting the occasional article on LOTS, probably monthly, depending on how much time I have to write.  My first article will appear this Friday, and I’ll update this post with the link to it when it does. [Update: Link]

Now you might be thinking, “But Jason, you’re not a swinger.  What kind of advice could you possible give to swingers?” to which I would say that sex acts don’t change depending on the number of participants and so knowledge of, for example, prostate stimulation is not applicable to just one on one play and applies mutatis mutandis to group play. Certainly there are very substantial differences between monogamous and non-monogamous sex, but that doesn’t really affect the sex acts themselves.  Furthermore, it’s not clear to me that I don’t have anything to say about swinging, just because I’m not a swinger.  Frankly, I have lots to say about lots of things.  That’s the beauty of thinking philosophically and in principles, there is nothing beyond the power of human reason.

I do want to add the caveat that while I think swinging can be done morally (link), I also think it can be done immorally. Furthermore, the fact that I endorse some of the information on the site does not mean that I am in complete agreement with anything that might be published there.  My writing there implies only that I agree with their aim of furthering good information about sexuality and I support them in this; our relationship is purely ad hoc.

I’ll link to articles here on Erosophia as they appear on LOTS, so that you , my dear readers, won’t have to fear that you’ll miss a single word of my writing.

For anyone visiting for the first time from LOTS, I’d like to welcome you to my blog and I hope you’ll find something you like.

2 Responses to “Life on the Swingset”

  1. oilboy

    the link to ‘Life on the Swingset’ does not work for me;
    when I click on it, I get to another Erosophia page
    which states that the link does not work…

  2. JasonStotts


    Thanks. I’ve updated the links so they should work now.