Playboy TV’s “Swing”

by Jason Stotts

Playboy TV just started a new reality TV show called “Swing” about the lifestyle.  What’s funny is that I actually know some of the people on the show, Ashely and Early, as they’re friends of friends.  It’s interesting to see people you know on a reality TV show and it’s even more interesting to see people you know fucking on a reality TV show.

Playboy has the whole (uncensored) first episode up on their site as a preview for the series and I think it looks interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t even have basic cable, so I’m not going to be able to watch it as it airs.  Hopefully, it’ll come out on DVD soon so I can check it out.

(Warning: nudity and sex acts)

17 Responses to “Playboy TV’s “Swing””

  1. Ben

    Pleeeeease post the finale with Gerrit and Beth!

  2. JasonStotts


    Unfortunately, I don’t have any special access to the episodes and most aren’t online. I’ve heard that it’s going to be coming out on DVD, so maybe look for it then. Also, buying the DVD shows Playboy that people are interested in the subject and that they should pursue it more.


  3. jon

    any idea on release dates for dvd? also i have found 2 vids online, this one and the free preview on, do you know of anymore free vids online? .. is having payment problems with joining for full access also, so im keen for the dvd release!

  4. JasonStotts

    I talked to Playboy and they told me that a DVD release of “Swing” was completely dependent on demand. So, if you want to see the DVD come out, write to Playboy and tell them you want to see it come out on DVD and that you’ll buy it when it does. Otherwise, you’ll have to subscribe to PlayboyTV to see the episodes.


  5. sunny

    more videos of the girl in this episode, lots more there on the net of her and her beau. Though they say they are a real couple, these guys are basically porn stars. The show is thus scripted.

  6. JasonStotts


    This is definitely the first time I’ve ever approved a link to hardcore porn.

    There’s no doubt that Gizelle is in porn, but I don’t think in general the girls are. I know Scott and Nicoletta and that’s how they really are in real life. Playboy drew heavily from Kasidie and so most of the people weren’t “newbies” in the sense of being actually new to swinging, but some hadn’t been in the lifestyle long. Yes, Playboy did script the show a little bit and they also edited it together the way they wanted, but it’s also fairly authentic and the people had a lot of leeway to do and say what they wanted. No one had “lines,” just some suggestions about games to play or where to be, etc.


  7. Joe

    Do you have any other full videos of this show? This is hot!

  8. nelo

    i want to see more of megan…hot hot hot…..

  9. Erosophia

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  10. ryan

    I want to know the name of the beat they use when they are all in the red velvet room before they all start having sex i love the beat.

  11. Sonia Raj

    A few full episodes are on dailymotion –
    I am 26 years old woman…
    Curious to know if guys on show are real? I am kind of interested in doing that….
    Also I am interested in getting gangbanged….is thinking of getting gangbang normal?
    I find it very sexy…..

  12. Matt and Bianca

    Yes, there are many attractive men in the lifestyle. Gangbanging is common. You should have no problem finding one on many of lifestyle websites.

  13. osmanlu

    this show doesnt look genuine to me all the couples act the same way kiss in the same spots everything looks very scripted and the “resident” couples dont look genuine at all they dont look like they have any history together they all look like random pornstars with boob jobs etc… sorry the end sex therapy thing is way too articulate for the average american (makes evry1 look so smart and philosophical- rest of the world knows uall jst dummshts which also happens to be true so dont get offended -its just a really compelling argument to how very fake this show is)
    i mean it looks good on paper to have a show like this but it would b near impossible to make

  14. JasonStotts

    There’s no doubt it was somewhat artificial as it was loosely directed and edited, but given that I personally know some of the couples involved, I can tell you it was genuine in at least the sense that the couples really were all in the lifestyle or interested in trying it.


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  16. madalin

    have anyone the contact or facebook of Gerrit and Geth??

  17. Hesham

    I am sorry i do not believe that is real people. They porn stars.