by Jason Stotts

I’m driving a lot more than I used to and, obviously, spending a lot more time in the car.  Usually, I listen to podcasts so that I can spend my time in the car thinking about interesting things, instead of simply listening to music.  The problem is that now I’m spending more time in the car than I have podcasts and so I need to find some new ones.

Right now, my line-up of podcasts, mostly in order of preference, is:

1. Savage Love by Dan Savage

2. Sex is Fun!

3. Life on the Swingset

4. Peikoff’s Podcast

5. Rationally Selfish Podcast

6. The Objective Standard Podcast

I like each of them and they each have their strengths and weaknesses, but they’re not enough to keep me in podcasts during my commute.  So I need some recommendations for podcasts or other intellectual things to listen to in the car.  I would prefer that they are of a sexual, Objectivist, or philosophical nature.  I wouldn’t mind listening to taped lectures, but frankly they are usually greatly over-priced and I can’t afford them.

4 Responses to “Podcasts”

  1. Richard

    Honestly to my knowledge there aren’t a whole lot of Objectivist type podcasts yet, even though a lot of new ones have sprung up lately.

    Have you ever listened to Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe? If you like science news in general you might enjoy it. Even though they spend a lot of time criticizing the arbitrary (psuedo-science, or boogeymen) it can be interesting and fun. Unfortunately you’ll run into lots of philosophical traps on their show as well you always find outside Objectivist work. Things like Determinism or environmentalist notions, etc. But if it doesn’t bother you I find it a decent listen and their shows are lengthy to boot.

  2. Harold

    On the heels of RIchard’s post, I think the center for inquiry has a podcast series. I don’t really listen to them anymore though.

  3. Harold

    Ok it seems I have to have more than just links to post

    Sex with Jaiya

    Sex, Love, and Intimacy with Chip August

    Erotic Integrity with Claudia Six

  4. JasonStotts

    Thanks guys for the suggestions.

    Also, Harold, sorry about that. It flags any comment that only contains links as spam and holds it in a special queue.