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Contribute to Porn Research

by Jason Stotts

There is a new study being done looking to understand how exactly real people use porn in their everyday lives.  I want to encourage everyone to go and take the survey and be honest in your responses, even if you never use porn.  This information could really help shed light on porn usage and show that porn won’t drive you to insanity.  (H/t Tristan Taormino)

Thank you very much for your interest in our research. We want to emphasise from the outset that the research we are conducting is unlike almost all the previous research that has been conducted on pornography. In the past, pornography has overwhelmingly been assumed to be a ‘problem’, and the only really important questions to ask about it are – how much do people (and especially children) encounter it, and how great is the ‘harm’ that it does? This research is different.

Our project is concerned with the everyday uses of pornography, and how the people who use it feel it fits into their lives. Pornography is of course a highly topical issue, subject to many opposing views and ‘strong opinions’. And we are not saying that there are no moral or political issues. But we are saying that the voices of users and enjoyers have been swamped. In fact, there is very little research that engages with the users of pornography, asking how, when and why they turn to it.

“Green Technology”

by Jason Stotts

I think this sums up my view pretty accurately.

ATLOSCon or Bust (Update)

by Jason Stotts

I put up a call for readers to donate and help me pay for my plane ticket to speak at ATLOSCon this summer and so far the response has been great.  After only 10 days or so, I’ve already had people donate or commit to donating $95!  Since the ticket is $310, that means I’m at roughly 30% and only $215 to go.  I want to thank everyone who has already donated and remind people that there’s still lots of time to donate if you want to help me get to Atlanta.

As an extra incentive to donate, I’m offering copies of the lecture.  If you donate at least $10, I’ll send you a PDF version of my talk after I give it.  If you donate at least $20, I’ll mail you a signed hard copy after the lecture.  If you’re actually going to be at ATLOSCon, I’ll give you the signed hard copy for only $10.  Donations can be made through PayPal by sending money to my e-mail address Jason(at) or arrangements can be made to send a check if you e-mail me. So, if you have money to spare, and who doesn’t!, and you want to help me out, I’d appreciate it.  Really, any amount is helpful, even if it’s only $2.

A really big “Thank You!” to those who have already contributed!

T.O. – $50

W.G. – $20

K.V. – $25


Update: Another donor has stepped forward and donated $10, so now I’m up to $105, which is more than a third now!  I’m super excited we’ve got this far and I hope we can make it the rest of the way and get this trip funded for me.

J.J. – $10

Sex Workers to Gain Rights in US?

by Jason Stotts

Apparently last week the US delegation to the UN affirmed a commitment (political speech for: promising, in a non-binding way, of, perhaps, at some point in the future, if things work out, and people remember and hold them to it) that sex workers in the US will receive some legal protection (link).  This would be a great move forward and perhaps the first steps to legalize prostitution in this country, which it should be.  Today, a sex worker who goes to a hospital to seek treatment and discloses that he or she is a sex worker faces arrest.  Further, they cannot seek redress through the police or courts if they are raped, assaulted, or not paid, solely because they are sex workers.  Basically, by taking money in exchange for sexual services, US citizens become criminals and lose all rights.

Let’s hope that this sad episode in our history ends and we can begin to see prostitutes as people.


Fetuses and Personhood

by Jason Stotts

While driving home today on the freeway, I was thinking about an essay I’m working on about abortion.  I was driving in the carpool lane and the sign said that in order to drive in the carpool lane, the car must be occupied by “two or more persons.”  This got me to thinking: what if  pregnant woman was driving in the carpool lane?  Does her fetus count as a second person?  I think that there would be no legal precedent for this.  Further, I think a police officer would rightly write her a ticket, which she could then appeal, forcing the courts to take a stand on whether or not fetuses are persons.  If this was done in a state where the appeal would likely be lost, the case could make it up through the courts to the Supreme Court, forcing them to rule on the case.  If the woman in question was on the pro-reason side, then she, or her lawyers, could (purposely) ineptly handle her case such that the only way any reasonable judge could rule is to deny that a fetus is a person.

Then, we would win a major victory and stop these religious zealots in their tracks.

I think we should get some lawyers together and make this things come together into a plan and put it into action.  There’s no reason why only the christians should be taking test cases to the courts, we need to be active too.  Anyone who’s interested in getting on board with this, or who has a compelling reason why this is a fool’s errand and should be aborted, should contact me at Jason(at)

Sex Tips #3: Rags

by Jason Stotts

Today’s tip is a simple one, but one that I know not everyone has thought of.  The tip is this: keep rags by your bed. Imagine this: you are in a fluid bonded relationship, you get tested and it comes back clean, you stop using condoms, you have sex and semen ends up in a vagina, now what?  Do you awkwardly try to cup your hand between your legs as you waddle to the bathroom?  Do you let it drip out onto the bed and make a mess?  Well, you could, I guess, but why not just grab a rag from beside the bed?  There won’t be a mess and you can either take your time cleaning up or make getting to the bathroom a whole lot easier.

Furthermore, rags can help out with a number of other things.  Too much lube on your hands?  Rags.  Spilled your beer next to the bed?  Rags.  Sweaty brow from too much sex?  Rags.  The kind of rags you use are up to you, but I recommend cheap washcloths because they’re absorbent and you can just throw them in the laundry.

If you want to be a great sex partner, get your partner a warm washcloth to clean up with.  The warm water feels great and it shows how much you care about him or her.

A good supply of readily available rags can definitely facilitate your sex life and make things easier for you.

Sex Tips

by Jason Stotts

My regular readers will remember a feature I started called “Sex Tips” in which I gave simple tips for how to improve your sex life.  I had originally intended to make Sex Tips a regular feature, but after the launch of it and the first two tips, I scrapped it because of the negative feedback and lack of any positive comments.  People (well, one person actually) said that the tips were too simplistic and that anyone reading my blog wouldn’t need such advice.

Well, I’ve decided to bring Sex Tips back.  I should have specified this the first time, but the point of the feature is just little tips to make your sex life better that people may not have thought of.  It’s not supposed to be as in depth as some of the pieces I write like the ones on pegging.  It’s more of a “quick tip” kind of thing.  I’m sure that not everyone who’s reading my blog has thought of all of these tips and even if they have, sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.

I hope you enjoy the future Sex Tips.  Some feedback on the feature would be appreciated, either positive or negative so I can know whether people are finding them helpful.  I plan on putting up a new tip every Friday, so stay tuned for some tips!


XKCD Waxes Philosophical

by Jason Stotts

I really like this.

Socrates could've saved himself a lot of trouble if he'd just bought a flashlight, tranquilizer gun, and a bunch of rescue harnesses.

(Alt text: Socrates could’ve saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d just bought a flashlight, tranquilizer gun, and a bunch of rescue harnesses.)