ATLOSCon or Bust (Update)

by Jason Stotts

I put up a call for readers to donate and help me pay for my plane ticket to speak at ATLOSCon this summer and so far the response has been great.  After only 10 days or so, I’ve already had people donate or commit to donating $95!  Since the ticket is $310, that means I’m at roughly 30% and only $215 to go.  I want to thank everyone who has already donated and remind people that there’s still lots of time to donate if you want to help me get to Atlanta.

As an extra incentive to donate, I’m offering copies of the lecture.  If you donate at least $10, I’ll send you a PDF version of my talk after I give it.  If you donate at least $20, I’ll mail you a signed hard copy after the lecture.  If you’re actually going to be at ATLOSCon, I’ll give you the signed hard copy for only $10.  Donations can be made through PayPal by sending money to my e-mail address Jason(at) or arrangements can be made to send a check if you e-mail me. So, if you have money to spare, and who doesn’t!, and you want to help me out, I’d appreciate it.  Really, any amount is helpful, even if it’s only $2.

A really big “Thank You!” to those who have already contributed!

T.O. – $50

W.G. – $20

K.V. – $25


Update: Another donor has stepped forward and donated $10, so now I’m up to $105, which is more than a third now!  I’m super excited we’ve got this far and I hope we can make it the rest of the way and get this trip funded for me.

J.J. – $10

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  1. Erosophia

    […] that note, there’s still time to help me get to ATLOSCon.  So far, people have donated $105 of the $310 (over 1/3 now!) I need for my plane ticket […]