ATLOSCon or Bust

by Jason Stotts

As I announced when it happened, I will be one of the speakers at this Summer’s Atlanta Objectivist Society Conference (ATLOSCon).  I will, of course, be speaking on sexuality and it’s role in a human life.  The title of my talk, at least for now, is: “Sexual Ethics and Objectivism.”  The current abstract for my talk is:

In this lecture, I am going to elaborate the framework of the Objectivist position on sexual ethics and expand it into a richer theory.  I will start with the theory of emotions, continue through sexual attraction, and into relationships and love.  At each stage I will show the relevant principles, how they build upon one another into a full account of sexual ethics, and how this can handle questions and problems that Ayn Rand never addressed.  I will conclude the lecture by applying the theory to a number of topics, followed by a question and answer period.

The problem is, though, that ATLOSCon is a new conference and in order to keep their prices low, they don’t have a travel budget for the speakers.  This isn’t a problem for the speakers who are local or who have, say, money, but for me it’s something of an impediment.  Since I have family in the area, I don’t need to worry about lodging, but I do need to get a plane ticket from California to Atlanta, which is going to be $310.

So, I’d like to ask anyone who wants to help me out to donate to my travel fund.  If you donate at least $10, I’ll send you a PDF version of my talk after I give it (ATLOSCon is over the Memorial Day weekend).  If you donate at least $20, I’ll mail you a signed hard copy after the lecture.  Donations can be made through PayPal by sending money to my e-mail address Jason(at) or arrangements can be made to send a check if you e-mail me.  For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting my address online.  If you’re going to be at ATLOSCon, you can let me know and I’ll bring you a paper copy there, as long as you donate at least $10.

I know times are tight, but being a blogger and a writer whose first book hasn’t been published yet isn’t exactly lucrative.  So, if you’ve enjoyed the blog over these 5 years I’ve been blogging and you haven’t donated yet, please think about doing so to help me get to this conference.



$260 Remaining until the trip is funded.

A really big thanks to my donors:

T.O. – $50

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