Fetuses and Personhood

by Jason Stotts

While driving home today on the freeway, I was thinking about an essay I’m working on about abortion.  I was driving in the carpool lane and the sign said that in order to drive in the carpool lane, the car must be occupied by “two or more persons.”  This got me to thinking: what if  pregnant woman was driving in the carpool lane?  Does her fetus count as a second person?  I think that there would be no legal precedent for this.  Further, I think a police officer would rightly write her a ticket, which she could then appeal, forcing the courts to take a stand on whether or not fetuses are persons.  If this was done in a state where the appeal would likely be lost, the case could make it up through the courts to the Supreme Court, forcing them to rule on the case.  If the woman in question was on the pro-reason side, then she, or her lawyers, could (purposely) ineptly handle her case such that the only way any reasonable judge could rule is to deny that a fetus is a person.

Then, we would win a major victory and stop these religious zealots in their tracks.

I think we should get some lawyers together and make this things come together into a plan and put it into action.  There’s no reason why only the christians should be taking test cases to the courts, we need to be active too.  Anyone who’s interested in getting on board with this, or who has a compelling reason why this is a fool’s errand and should be aborted, should contact me at Jason(at)JasonStotts.com.

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