Sex Tips

by Jason Stotts

My regular readers will remember a feature I started called “Sex Tips” in which I gave simple tips for how to improve your sex life.  I had originally intended to make Sex Tips a regular feature, but after the launch of it and the first two tips, I scrapped it because of the negative feedback and lack of any positive comments.  People (well, one person actually) said that the tips were too simplistic and that anyone reading my blog wouldn’t need such advice.

Well, I’ve decided to bring Sex Tips back.  I should have specified this the first time, but the point of the feature is just little tips to make your sex life better that people may not have thought of.  It’s not supposed to be as in depth as some of the pieces I write like the ones on pegging.  It’s more of a “quick tip” kind of thing.  I’m sure that not everyone who’s reading my blog has thought of all of these tips and even if they have, sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.

I hope you enjoy the future Sex Tips.  Some feedback on the feature would be appreciated, either positive or negative so I can know whether people are finding them helpful.  I plan on putting up a new tip every Friday, so stay tuned for some tips!


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