Sex Workers to Gain Rights in US?

by Jason Stotts

Apparently last week the US delegation to the UN affirmed a commitment (political speech for: promising, in a non-binding way, of, perhaps, at some point in the future, if things work out, and people remember and hold them to it) that sex workers in the US will receive some legal protection (link).  This would be a great move forward and perhaps the first steps to legalize prostitution in this country, which it should be.  Today, a sex worker who goes to a hospital to seek treatment and discloses that he or she is a sex worker faces arrest.  Further, they cannot seek redress through the police or courts if they are raped, assaulted, or not paid, solely because they are sex workers.  Basically, by taking money in exchange for sexual services, US citizens become criminals and lose all rights.

Let’s hope that this sad episode in our history ends and we can begin to see prostitutes as people.


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