Sex Tips #4: Try New Things

by Jason Stotts

“Try new things.”  You hear this all the time in regards to sex, so much so that it has become a bromide.  But, nevertheless, the advice is often not heeded.  So, let’s take a look at what this might mean.

Is your sex life the same week after week?  You find time for some quick missionary sex amidst a busy schedule and if you succeed twice a week, then it’s been a good week.  Right?  Probably not, if you’re one of my readers.  But, when was the last time you did something you haven’t done in a while?  When was the last time you’ve done something you’ve never done before?  There are so many things that you’ve probably never done, what’s holding you back?

Some people are afraid to try new things, they like the safety of the known and the lack of worry over failing at something new or possibly not liking something new.  Well, I say go for it: try something you’ve never done before.  All of the things we really enjoy in life are things that at one point we had never tried before.  Some of these things are even things that we hated when we first tried them, but then grew to love them; such was the way with me and scotch.  If we don’t try things, we’ll never know if we’d like them or not.  If, at first, we don’t like things we try, then we should try them a couple more times to make sure we don’t.  Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everything, but I know that my own life would be worse off if I had stopped drinking scotch at the first sip I ever tried.  If we let fear rule our lives, the values in them will certainly be diminished.

So, the point of trying new things is to expand the scope of values in our lives and to free ourselves from fear which holds us back from pursuing these values.

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