Sex Tips #6: Sex is like Pool

by Jason Stotts

For anyone who has ever played pool before, you know that although there are sticks, balls, and holes, these are not what pool is all about.  Pool is all about the angles and having proper control over your stick in order to make it in the hole.

I submit that sex is just like pool.

Beyond just the need to master your equipment, you need to understand the angles of the game, and of sex, if you really want to excel at it.  With sex, unlike pool, it is not simply enough to get it in the hole (and don’t try to use this analogy the other way and start putting your pool cue into the pockets!).  Vaginas are not some passive receptacle for penises and once one is in there, then all is well.  Which parts of the vagina are being stimulated with the penis and the angle of entry matter.  Angling a penis towards the anterior (front) wall of the vagina will stimulate the G-spot.  Angling for the back can stimulate the cervix.  Adjusting the angle even slightly can cause the experience to feel differently for both partners.  Further, control of the angle is the responsibility of both partners, who need to work together to maximize stimulation for each other.

I encourage everyone to head back to the basics of sex and reconsider how you use angles.

1 Response to “Sex Tips #6: Sex is like Pool”

  1. Zaylin

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!