ATLOSCon Speech

by Jason Stotts

I want to thank everyone who attended my lecture this morning.  I hope that everyone found it interesting and engaging.  If you’re interested in further readings, I recommend starting with the following:

1. “Of Living Death,” The Objectivist.  Especially 530-531. (Or: The Voice of Reason, 46-63.)

2. “Francisco’s Sex Speech,” from Atlas Shrugged, 453-455 (Or: For The New Intellectual, 98-101.)

3. Playboy Interview (Pamphlet).

4. “Philosophy and Sense of Life,” The Romantic Manifesto.

I also want to thank those of you who helped to sponsor my trip to Atlanta by pre-ordering a copy of my speech.  I’ll be e-mailing, or mailing (as the case may), the copies out to those who prepaid shortly.

For anyone else who wants a copy of the speech, it will be available  in a couple of days.   This extended version will be significantly longer than the version I read, which was about 13 pages.   Right now, the extended version is about 25 pages, so there is a lot of material that you will find new, even if you took the class.  There are two options to get a copy of the speech:

$12.50 for a PDF version.

$23.50 for a signed hard copy mailed to you.

Anyone who actually attended the class can take 10% off the price.

The speech should be completely done in just a couple of days, so feel free to order your copy now and I’ll send it out as soon as it’s done.  It’d be done already, but I’m being rather perfectionist about it and just can’t quite let it go yet.  The easiest way to order is via PayPal, by sending a payment to Jason(at)  For other options, just e-mail me at the same address.

Additionally, anyone who was at the conference and would like to ask follow-up questions, or who had questions that they didn’t get to ask, can also e-mail me and I’ll still answer your questions.

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