Assorted News

by Jason Stotts

I’ve been behind on a number of things recently, but I’m finally getting caught up.  These are some of the news stories that I’ve been meaning to blog about as they came up, but didn’t get a chance to yet.

1. Female Ejaculation: The Long Road to Non-Discovery

A very nice in-depth discussion of female ejaculation and some history of our understanding of it.

2. IUDs officially recommended for healthy women, teens

IUD’s are one of the most effective forms of birth control around.  They require no effort, no remembering to take a pill, and no worry that you don’t have it with you when you need it.  They are very inexpensive for the amount of time they work, 5-10 years, and have little to no side-effects.  If you are a sexually active woman, I highly recommend talking to your gynecologist about IUD’s or going to Planned Parenthood for a consultation.

3. The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Natural Selection and Evolution, with a Key to Many Complicating Factors

An interesting discussion of natural selection and homosexuality.  Awesome quote: “If natural selection is homophobic, it’s not particularly good at it.”

4.The Humble Origins of Instant Ramen: From Ending World Hunger to Space Noodles

The story of Ramen noodles, the staple of the academic diet.

5.The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

In an effort to save a man from Leukemia, they might have accidentally found a cure for AIDS.

6. The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men

A viable form of birth control for men, that is 100% effective and has no known side-effects, may be coming soon.  It’s called RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) and it’s in the final stages of testing in India.

7. The “Hooker Teacher” tells all

Slut-shaming is alive and well in America.

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