Australia and the Hatred of Sex

by Jason Stotts

Australia is in the news again as they continue to become more anti-sex and move to censorship in an attempt to suppress information in their country. After their China-esque firewall (see “Australia Following China’s Lead?“) failed, they’ve now pressured ISP’s to do the blocking themselves:

Starting next month, the vast majority of Australia’s Internet users will find their access censored, following a decision by the country’s two largest providers–Telstra and Optus–as well as two smaller ISPs (itExtreme and Webshield), to voluntarily block more than 500 websites from view. The decision from the two ISPs comes after numerous failed attempts by the Australian government to set up a centralized filtering plan. (via EFF)

Although these ISP’s are doing this “voluntarily,” the move comes after much pressure from the Australian government to censor pornography and websites related to it.  This has, ostensibly, been to reduce “child pornography” in Australia, which includes such things as adult women who have A-cup breasts, which the Australian government finds offensive and “child-like” (see my “Australia Hates Small Breasts“).  Frankly, I think that Australia is being offensive and that women should be openly revolting in Australia right now, especially those with smaller breasts who are being deemed no different than children.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this, but it looks like Australia is becoming a very un-free place to live.

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