Christian Terrorism in Norway

by Jason Stotts

I think all too often we think that the only religion we have to worry about is Islam and its penchant for killing infidels and women.  Well, any belief system that is based on the irrationality of faith poses a threat to human life and just because they’ve been docile for many decades, does not mean that they’re not still dangerous.  I’m talking, of course, of christianity – a “religion of peace” that through history has killed more people than any other group through its various crusades, inquisitions, and correcting of heretics.   Anyone who is fundamentally irrational (i.e. religious) is dangerous and they must be treated as such.

OSLO — The Norwegian man charged Saturday with a pair of attacks in Oslo that killed at least 92 people left behind a detailed manifesto outlining his preparations and calling for a Christian war to defend Europe against the threat of Muslim domination, according to Norwegian and American officials familiar with the investigation. (NYT)

Religious war is inevitable and the only way to protect ourselves is to work to end religion and replace its irrationality with reason and a rational approach to life and existence.

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