Sex Tips #10: Buy in Bulk

by Jason Stotts

Buying in bulk, buying a larger quantity than you immediately need in order to get a per-unit discount, is a very good method for saving money in general and sex is no exception.  Condoms and lube can be expensive, but if you buy them in bulk through places like Amazon, you can get a pretty good discount.  For example:

1. 100 Lifestyles condoms for $16.43!  That’s only 16 cents per condom.  I don’t know about you, but they sell for significantly more in the stores here in Southern California.

2. 2-Pack of KY Jelly for $7.44.  That’s the same price most pharmacies have it for just one bottle!

3. 2-Pack of Boy Butter lube for $27.09.  That’s a really good price for this kind of lube, which usually sells for that for just one bottle in stores and you can’t find this kind of lube in most stores. (Note: not for use with latex condoms!)

I know that people often don’t plan ahead for these things and end up buying inferior lube and condoms at the local pharmacy for highly inflated prices, but with a little forethought, you can save yourself tons of money in your sexual exploits.



One of my readers sent me a message and said that he has been using for a while now and that they offer very good prices and excellent customer service.  He also said that they have reviews on their condoms so you can see what people think of them before you buy.  I haven’t checked this one out myself, but if anyone else tries it, leave a comment and let us know.

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