Sex Tips #11: Adapt and Overcome

by Jason Stotts

When we were young and imagined what sex might be like some day, I’m sure we all imagined that it would go perfectly. That things would just magically happen and everything would just work. However, those of us who have had sex before know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes there are distractions or interruptions. Sometimes there is equipment failure.  Sometimes the condom breaks or slips off. Sometimes our partner wants something different. In short, sometimes things happen that make sex not go as planned and then we are confronted with the decision of how to deal with the problem.  I say: adapt and overcome.

Things not happening according to plan can cause us to have a bad experience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.  If we keep an open mind about our sexual experiences and don’t try to force them to conform to specific patterns, then we will likely have a much better time.  Sex should not be formulaic: it should not always start with kissing, then oral, then vaginal penetration, and then cuddling.  Sometimes it can start without kissing.  Sometimes you can go right from kissing to coitus.  Sometimes you can skip whole steps or add new things in.  In short, we should not go into a sexual encounter with an idea of how it must be and any deviation from that will ruin the experience.  We should keep an open mind during sexual encounters.  We should adapt to each new sexual situation and overcome any problems that might come up.

Keeping an open mind and adapting to changes and overcoming problems will make our sex lives much better and reduce the disappointment that we might otherwise feel.

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