Circumcision is Immoral

by Jason Stotts

I’ve said before that circumcision is immoral; but, did you know it’s also impractical?  A new study (n = 5552) from Denmark found that:

Conclusions: Circumcision was associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men and with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women, notably orgasm difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment. Thorough examination of these matters in areas where male circumcision is more common is warranted. (link)

Remember, the moral is the practical and the immoral is impractical.  Cutting off part of a properly functioning penis does nothing but appease mythical father-figures in the sky.  In reality, it only harms the man.

There are no legitimate reasons to mutilate a baby’s genitals through “circumcision”.

4 Responses to “Circumcision is Immoral”

  1. Legalize Foreskin

    I agree, and there’s probably a lot more that can be expanded on in this topic. The conflation of culture and medicine leads to a potentially strong conflict of interest, in my view.

  2. lil

    We got a Lot of crap from the pediatrician for not circumcising our sons. I figure if they want to chop off parts of themselves, they’re welcome to it when they grow up. I see no reason to put a child through something like that based on outdated belief systems and the premise that they “won’t look like their dad.”
    Interesting post.

  3. Shea Levy

    The end of this does disservice to the rest of the post. The ARE reasons to be circumcised. See There’s no need to deny these rare but actual cases in order to make the case that circumcision in general is done for immoral reasons.

    Not that I disagree with your general point, most circumcision (especially pretty much all infantile circumcision) is a disgustingly barbaric practice.

  4. JasonStotts


    We mostly agree. In my post, I’m using the common language definition of “circumcision” as removing the foreskin from male babies. You are using it more broadly to mean any case of removing the foreskin from any penis. Just to be precise, though, I’ll change the post to reflect my exact meaning.