Announcement: SoCal Objectivists

by Jason Stotts

Earl Parson and I have decided that we’re going to be starting an Objectivist Society here in Southern California, home of the Ayn Rand Institute and of probably the highest concentration of objectivists in the country.  It’s really strange that with so many us living in the area, there are no social groups or reading groups for us to participate in.  There is a great value in spending time with fun and intelligent people who share your principles and beliefs, and this is a value we’d like to have in our lives in a bigger way.

The plan is to create one large group with two different chapters: one in LA and one in the IE/OC.  Each chapter would meet bi-monthly (more if there is demand for it) and the groups would alternate, such that there was a group meeting every month. We’ll probably have both social meetings, reading groups, and discussion sessions. We’ll likely also plan social outings, like beach trips, hikes, and shooting range time.

At this point we’re very much in the planning stage and we welcome any feedback you have for us.  We’re having a social get together and planning night for Saturday September 17th, 2011.  If you’re interested, please sign up for announcements, and details on the event, through our Google Group.  You can also “like” our Facebook page or follow us on twitter @SoCalOists.

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