Reminder: SoCal Objectivists First Meeting

by Jason Stotts

Just a reminder for anyone who is interested, our very first meeting and social get-together is this Saturday night!  Details are available on our Google Group or you can find information on our Facebook page or via our twitter (@SoCalOists).  If you’re planning on coming to this meeting, please RSVP via our Google Group so that we know how many people to expect.

Our next meeting is going to be in October, around the 22nd.  This one will be held in either the IE or OC.  More details about this meeting will be available as we get closer to the date.

One of the things that I’m very interested in doing is setting up a series of lectures by prominent Objectivist speakers and writers.  Earl and I are both going to be giving a lecture in our respective fields (architecture for him and sex for me) and we’re looking for other speakers in the area.  If you’re already an Objectivist speaker or writer and you’d like to present for our group, please contact me at Jason(at) with what subjects you’d like to speak on and a short description.  If you’re simply the master of a particular subject and you’d like to present that to the group, that’d be great as well.

We’re going to start our lecture schedule soon and we’re trying to decide whether it’d be better to do bimonthly meetings with one being a lecture or reading group and the other being just a social outing or having just one meeting a month and having a lecture, followed by Q&A, then breaking into a less formal social event.  If we do the latter, people would be free to come to just one part and not another or to come to the whole thing.

More details about SoCal Objectivists will be forthcoming after our first meeting and Earl and I decide the direction of the group.

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