Best of 2011

by Jason Stotts

2011 was a good year for Erosophia.  Traffic was up dramatically from the year before, even though there were fewer overall posts (206 in 2010, 149 in 2011)

Erosophia’s 2011 Traffic:

We’ve also seen the birth of the Erosophia podcast and it’s very first episode.

I have some exciting things planned for 2012 and maybe some exciting announcements, so this should be a pretty good year!


10. Letters From Readers (First, Second)

I love getting mail from my readers, especially when that mail is them telling me that I’ve made their lives better in some way.  It makes a big difference to me and helps to keep me motivated to keep writing.  These are two of the more poignant letters from last year.

9. Love Without Sexual Attraction

While it’s possible to fall in love with someone who you are not sexually attracted to, this is ultimately a very bad idea and such a person would be better as a friend than a lover.

8. It’s about Time

Our society should not be punishing teens for being sexual.

7. Sex Tips #7: Communication is Key

One of the most important skills you can possibly have in a relationship is communication.

6. Dan Savage on STI’s

STI’s are medical issues, not moral issues.

5. Starbucks Doesn’t Get it

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz doesn’t understand what’s happening in the economy.

4. Formspring: When is Sex Appropriate?

When should you start engaging in sex with a new partner?

3. Getting Started with Male Anal Sexuality

Advice for a couple who is looking to start with male anal sexuality.

2. The Importance of Sexual Satisfaction

This post is not for everyone.  But, for those who have ever been in the trap it presents, it will be a breath of fresh air and a way out.

1. Compersion

Deriving pleasure from your partner’s pleasure is called “compersion” and it is absolutely critical to successfully engaging in a polysexual or polyamorous lifestyle.


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