Presidential Candidates and Liberty

by Jason Stotts

As the caucuses (cauci?) and debates heat up, it is important to look through the political rhetoric and to remember to think in principles.  To that end I want to suggest that people take a look at the ACLU’s “Campaign Report Card,” where they rank each of the Republican and Libertarian candidates based on their criteria for civil liberties.  Happily, Gary Johnson comes out as the clear winner if what one wants is freedom.  If you want a more detailed discussion of the candidates, take a look at Diana Hsieh’s Philosophy in Action Webcast, where she does an excellent job discussing the Republican candidates (and Gary Johnson, who was still a Republican at that point).

I’d like to make it clear that I think Gary Johnson is the best candidate in the race and that he would be the first candidate that I would ever have the pleasure of voting for, instead of casting a vote their way against another.  In other good news, Johnson is polling at 9% nationally, so he may still have a good shot at the White House yet.  For more of why I support Gary Johnson, see my earlier essay “Gary Johnson.”

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