Assorted News

by Jason Stotts

1. A lot of people don’t realize this, but Penn and Teller are Objectivists.  It’s obvious if you ever see their live show (which is fantastic) and even explicitly says so in their program.  The other day I noticed Teller tweet the following:

A big thank you to Jason Crawford for making the website and to Teller for helping to spread rational ideas.  [P.S. Teller, if you want to help support a book in progress on sexual ethics from the Objectivist perspective, I know a guy!]

2. The first part of my The Objectivist Standard interview with Drs. Ellen Kenner and Ed Locke is now accessible on the TOS website, check it out!  Their new book The Selfish Path to Romance: how to Love with Passion and Reason  is easily the best book about relationships and love out right now. (Please use the Amazon link to purchase it and help support Erosophia!)

3. A behind the scene’s peek into Trojan’s condom factory.  Watch it here.

4. A disgruntled teacher exposes how meaningless grades have become in our public schools.  I completely agree with him that grades are not as important as whether you’re actually learning the material.  Good grades are no substitute for knowledge.

5. Did you know that for some women exercise can lead to orgasms?  Talk about a good reason to go to the gym!

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