Happy Birthday Erosophia!

by Jason Stotts

It’s strange, but I don’t remember starting Erosophia.  There was no big debut, no fireworks, no momentous decision.  I think I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about blogging (it was newish back then) and wanted a place to put my thoughts down “on paper”.  That was seven years ago.

Seven years.  I’ve been blogging for seven years now that it’s May.  In some ways it doesn’t feel real.  I’ve put up hundreds of posts, amassed thousands of readers, saved a couple of marriages, become one of the world’s top 100 sex bloggers, and worked to figure out this whole sexuality thing.  Since I started blogging I graduated college, started writing a book, got married, moved to California, started lecturing, and have become something of an expert in sexuality.

I honestly didn’t see any of this coming.  I didn’t set out to create a blog that people would actually read.  I started out just wanting a place to share my ideas.  It’s funny that now I have readers, donors, and even some (volunteer) support staff.  I’ve made a lot of friends through Erosophia and, from the letters I get, I know that my work on sexuality is having an impact around the world.

If you like what I’m doing here, help support Erosophia!  You can donate money directly by using the donate button in the Erosophia sidebar on the right, send a PayPal or Amazon payment to Jason(at)JasonStotts.com, or even mail me a check. On the other hand, your donation doesn’t have to be through monetary contributions (although please do feel free to donate!), but could be no more than simply sending me an email (Jason(at)JasonStotts.com) telling me how my work has impacted your life.  These letters are like spiritual fuel to me and they help to keep me motivated to keep pursuing my work on sex.  You can also support Erosophia monetarily without having to spend a dime.  How?  By buying through Amazon.  If you use my referral link and purchase things on Amazon that you would purchase elsewhere, you’ll save yourself some money and I’ll get a small referral fee for everything you buy. Buying books for a class?  Buying a new laptop?  Buying sex toys, condoms, or lube?  Use my Amazon referral link and anything you spend on Amazon will help support Erosophia, without costing you a dime and probably saving you money.

So, what’s in Erosophia’s future?  I have no idea!  I’m certainly going to keep writing and challenging people’s preconceived ideas about sexuality.  I’m also still working on getting the podcast underway, but I could really use some technical help with audio editing and making the audio sound better.  I’m going to be lecturing around the country again this year and I hope to come to some new conferences and meet new people.  I’m also considering doing some (paid) live advice over the phone or skype.  If you’re interested in that, email me and we’ll go from there.

I want to thank all of you, Erosophia’s readers, supporters, donors, and friends.  It’s been a great 7 years so far and I’m sure it will be even better in the year to come.

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