Mistakes Couples Make about Sex: Philosophy in Action Interview with Diana Hsieh

by Jason Stotts

Last night I was interviewed on Diana Hsieh’s Blog Talk Radio show Philosophy in Action and we talked for about an hour on issues in sexual ethics and four common mistakes that couples make about sex.  It was really interesting being interviewed.  I’ve been writing for many years now, I’ve presented at multiple conferences, I even (briefly) started a podcast for Erosophia, and yet none of that was the same as someone else interviewing me.  I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t in charge of the proceedings (since it was Diana’s show) or whether the knowledge that it wsa being recorded for posterity, but honestly I felt a little nervous.  Not in my beliefs or material, mind you.  Rather, just in that I would be able to present my views well in an interview setting and make it interesting.

Happily, I think the show went really well and the discussion was lively and interesting.  Diana later told me that we had over 90 live listeners!  And, so far, the feedback has been very positive.  If you want to listen to the interview yourself, check out this link: “Mistakes Couples Make about Sex.”  I also encourage you to leave feedback here after you listen to the interview, whether positive or negative.  While you’re on Philosophy in Action, you should check out some of Diana’s other episodes.  She does good work and I’m sure that there will be something of value to you there.

I want to thank Diana for having me on Philosophy in Action and hopefully it won’t be the last time.  I had a really good time and it might even have been what I needed to restart the Erosophia Podcast.

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